More about me, IceBat’s owner.

Greetings. If you’re at this site, either you’re my friend and know me personally, know me but don’t talk to me much and want to keep tabs on me, stalk me on some social network or love baseball.

I’m IceBat’s owner. Let me introduce you to IceBat’s layer. Oops…lair. The point of his lair is to talk about baseball, baseball behind the scenes, and most curiously interesting how baseball is interconnected, and can be metaphorically used, with the business world. I’m not exactly sure how this will go, and how often I will be posting, but it’s worth a shot right? Anyways, hope you enjoy!

More about myself you ask? Okay.

1) I am an Oakland Athletics fan.

…that’s about it. Despite the low returns on investments over the past few years, the A’s front office have time and time again taken many known risks in trading known stars for up and coming prospects. In their attempts to keep young and fresh with a depleting source of salary money from the Wolff family, Billy Beane continues to keep things interesting for Athletics fans. It’s been a depressing two (or three) years, but like many investments in start ups and other J-curve return equities, we must look toward the future, right? Even though there are many hurdles before that bright future can be attained.