Tulo’s Crazy September

Update: The following graphics do have updated numbers from all of September.

(I’m just going to ignore the fact that you, the reader, has just realized I have removed the 6-month old dust from this blog.)

Full version: Tulo Heatmap

Troy Tulowitzki is crazy! I was reading an article recently about his supposed September surge in numbers. I decided to take a look and created a heatmap in R. The visual is pretty simple to read: light blue=not so good and dark blue=on fire. Remember that so far, 15 games have been played. In that span, Tulo’s had 14 homeruns. September could end right now and he’d have matched or set new highs for a month’s worth of baseball. Although there isn’t much trend in his past numbers, Tulo has shown better numbers in the second half of the season in the ’07 and ’09 campaigns. If you’re Colorado, you’re lovin’ Tulo’s contribution to the Rockies’ playoff push. Let’s hope the next two weeks are interesting.

Note: You can find a tutorial on heatmaps from the excellent data visualization blog, FlowingData.